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Fabric is an app that allows you to monitor all the apps you are developing, and receive notifications in real-time about any possible errors or problems they might have. You can also see the number of users that are active at any given time, and compare them with previous days. Likewise, you can see a graph showing what percentage of users encountered problems when using your app, and see a detailed log of all the errors.

From the drop-down menu to the left you can quickly access any of your apps, and configure the notifications you want to receive. You can stop notifications from a specific app, or on the contrary, receive alerts on any kind of errors or stability issues that might come up for each of your apps individually.

Fabric is great app for Android developers. You can use it to control all the apps you are developing, and receive in-depth notifications with useful information, whenever you need to.

Requires Android 5.0 or higher

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